Rob Mash


Atlantic One Realty Group

151 NE 5th Ave Ste. C-2 Delray Beach, FL 33483

I was born in Bromley England and moved to South Florida in 2009 as a golf professional. After many years of traveling I decided to settle down with my wife Kim in Boynton Beach Florida and start my new career in real estate which was an easy move to make as I had always had a love for architecture and graphic design since school. I met my business partner Jason as we had the same circle of friends. He was already a great agent and helped me find and purchase my house. He talked me through every single step of the process and I probably drove him crazy as I asked a million questions but he answered all of them and my interest in real estate blossomed more and more from there. He helped me through real estate school to get my license. Now together we run an established business helping buyers and sellers find their dream homes. Together we are also launching a real estate training program for our company so we can help more people than ever with highly skilled agents.